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Word Cloud Tools  

A word cloud, or also known as a tag cloud, is a visualization of text data. Word clouds show keywords or tags on websites  and provide a larger view of the most important words in a piece of text. Word clouds can be used creatively for many assignments, helping identify the main ideas of text. 



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Blogging Sites

Blogs are cloud-based applications that serve as a storage for writing. Blogs consist of a discussion or informational site that is published via the web, and is typically organized in a reversed chronological order. There are many free blogging websites. 


blogger     Provided by Google, Blogger is a free blogging tool to use with simply signing into your Google account. 

wordpress      WordPress is a free web software that you can use to either create a website or blog.

livejournal      LiveJournal is a social network where users can blog. Check out this article to learn more about LiveJournal.

tumblr.          Sign up and start posting text, photos, videos, and more to your blog. Post as often as you want; it's free.

weebly      Create a website for your class that has blog embedded. Visit Weebly for more information. 
Collaborative Tools
edmodo   Teachers and students can use this social learning platform to send assignments, notes, files, links, and events to each other. It's simple to use, teachers sign up for accounts and students join groups with no email address needed. Visit Edmodo to transform your teaching. 
Math Resources
 In need of a scientific calculator?
Visit Web 2.0 for other tools available.
 web 2.0

Learn more about Web 2.0 at Discovery Education